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en_vogurls's Journal

en VOGUE Girl!
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This community is for all who are interested in high fashion!

Daily, you will get your fix of everything fashion. Each day there will be a different topic where a maintainer will make a post and all members are to feel free to comment their ideas on the trend, model etc!

Monday: Accessory News by Blake (blynn93) - A post on a different accessory each week, with the uber-expensive designer pieces and their more affordable counterparts ;) Found a bargain accessory in that category that wasn't mentioned? Post a picture and the store! Or comment on how much you despise the trend or how much you love it or how you use it yourself!
Tuesday: Runway to Realway by Blake (blynn93) - Who doesn't want to get those perfectly put-together runway looks at a price that's a little more...perfect? This post will have a look that one of our members pick and where to buy all the pieces. If you want your favorite runway look to be made into reality? Just join and post a link to the look you would like on the page of the most recent Runway to Realway post.
Wednesday: Girl of the Week by Blake (blynn93) - Each week, a different female model, designer or celebrity will be picked and things like pictures, news, videos etc. will be posted about her. Members can post whatever else they want about that weeks girl, and also suggest who the next weeks girl should be!
Thursday: Designer Spotlight by Blake (blynn93) - Each week, a different designer will be in our EVG spotlight! Learn about their history, current designer, and we'll also handpick clothes inspired by their current runway season!
Friday: Clothing News by Blake (blynn93)
Saturday: Beauty Buzz by Blake (blynn93)
Sunday: WWEVGW? (What would en Vogue Girl wear?) by Blake (blynn93) - Have an event coming up and don't have a clue what to wear? Or do you want to adapt the latest trend to your wardrobe but don't know how? E-mail us at envogurls@gmail.com your question and if applicable your budget, weather conditions etc. so we can help you get the perfect look you're looking for! Note: holy day pun ;P

Every Day: A must-have, to die-for, oh-em-gee item will be posted. Be ready to ogle :) The best part? It'll be in your price range.

en VOGUE Girl! is a brand new community, and I need and would appreciate help with all the daily posts I have to put together. If you are interested in commiting ti posting any of the daily topics, please send an e-mail to envogurls@gmail.com. Thank you!