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Posted by blynn93 on 2007.08.13 at 09:00
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Hello everyone! Everyone meaning TWO WHOLE MEMBERS! Lol, that's the point of this post...I'd like some new members, it's not just supposed to be me posting! The point is to share takes on trends, models, designers etc. not just to have me yapping! Of any of you want to 'volunteer' to do one of the daily things, that'd be great :D But also, invite your fashionista friends! If you want, I have this ultra-cool graphic you can use (just make it link to this page)...
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SCool Shoes

Posted by blynn93 on 2007.08.12 at 09:27
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August is here! And for most, that means back to school! And what that REALLY means to EVG is back to school...shopping!
Hence, why I didn't post yesterday...again.
But technically I was doing 'reasearch' because I had a grand idea for today's WWEVGW?
I have picked out a whole bunch of great sneakers that you can wear to school and still be studying in style...no matter how horribly unflattering your uniform is.

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A Better Sweater

Posted by blynn93 on 2007.08.11 at 08:40
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Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I wasn't near a computer. But as a comsolation, I'm putting together a Fall shopping guide! It will be a checklist of all the trends that you should buy, revive or update along with, of course, affordably stylish options.
Hopefully, this will be up by tonight.

Ha, hello.

Well, now to today's must-have item...

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Chloe's too Cool

Posted by blynn93 on 2007.08.09 at 12:12
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You can't possibly get much cooler than a Chloe girl. Put together, color-concious and conservative yet edgy. In the week's designer spotlight, learn about the history of this fashion house and the designers who have created and recreated this super-cool girl year after year.

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A Perfect Proportion

Posted by blynn93 on 2007.08.09 at 07:20
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We've encountered a cream of the crop coatCollapse )

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